Issues that Matter


My parents taught me that the path to success starts with an education. As a mother of three, I too understand the value and importance of a solid education.

In a global economy, our state and our country cannot succeed without an educated citizenry. I will support our public schools and educators by ensuring the Texas school system is properly funded; both equitably and adequately.

I commit to listening to our teachers, administrators, and parents and implementing what works best to achieve a quality education.

Stronger Economy

We must have more good jobs with livable wages if the middle-class in Texas is to expand. Attracting and keeping companies that have that philosophy should be a high priority for the Texas Legislature. Texas cannot have a strong economy which works for all its citizens unless it includes better access to health-care and affordable child care.

I commit to listening to public concerns and ideas so we can work together to implement plans which will make District 126 a stronger economic force in Texas.


Access to healthcare should be a Texan’s right. No one should ever have to be faced with making a decision on whether they can afford their medicine or groceries. I am determined to make sure those are choices that no Texan will have to face again. The health of our children, spouses and self should not be debated, but instead should be ensured. My commitment is to fight for a healthier future and that starts in district 126.

Law Enforcement

Feeling safe in our neighborhoods is a necessity. It is important to be both an ally of and an advocate for law enforcement. Having worked in partnership with the Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff Department, and the Office of the Harris County Attorney, I have a personal knowledge of the value they bring to our area.

I pledge to ensure our officers and emergency response teams are appropriately funded and that their voices are heard at the Capitol. With my existing networks, I'll ensure we receive the attention needed to make District 126 families safe and secure.

Women's Rights

Women must have a voice in the policies that impact us every day, e.g., our bodies, health care, child care, and equal pay for equal work. I am a strong leader for women's rights and insist on having a place at the table. We cannot allow our rights to be eroded and we must search for ways for women to achieve full equality.


Married to an Air Force veteran, I know how important it is to respect and defend those who stepped up to serve our country. I promise to fight for jobs that are tailored to our returning military men and women. I commit to listening to their needs and making sure they have a voice and fighter on their behalf.